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Don't Look Down

by Mr. Lif

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Sir Reginald Styles
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Sir Reginald Styles This record is dope as Hell and continues Mr. Lif's mastery of rhymed storytelling. The first two tracks feed into each other as a harrowingly real tale of a new relationship grimly overshadowed by the girlfriend's stalking ex-lover with things inching closer & closer to inevitable confrontation. Brilliantly creative and very true to life, these are hallmarks of Mr. Lif and this new record is instructive, entertaining & worth attention. Favorite track: The Abyss.
Wesley thumbnail
Wesley A modern day Slick Rick, Mr. Lif's ability to weave stories through verse is second to none. Don't Look Down reminds of our innate mortality and the fears that manifest in our daily lives. The backdrop is a hauntingly beautiful reminder that we're born alone and our inescapable foibles ensure we die the same way.
D1 5K
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D1 5K Its scary. Wakes you up. And honest Favorite track: The Abyss.
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Verse One Where do I start Should I provide a method for you What would you do? You're up against your moment of truth You've got a gun in your right hand You soaked through your sweat band The opposition says (You bout to die! You're a dead man!) You flash back How did this happen This action With guns clappin And holes in walls With souls dissolved? Unfortunately love sparked it When you met her You suspected she was toxic Yet You had to knock it At least once Then you got fully involved You saw the energy around her as a problem you could solve So you move in It's an illusion She claiming peace But her destiny will nudge her to the grasp of the beast She had a stalker An awkward guy she met at a park But then he start To show up at her place after dark You're out of town now but thinking round house You've gotta settle it Go stay with your girl Confront the dude And that's the end of it You're walking one day Just coming back from a stroll And he's standing at her door cause he won't leave her alone You bump him one time to show him it's dark during the sunshine Pull out the keys to her crib and tell him "She's mine" And if I see you again Time'll suspend Violence'll bend peace Then I'ma bless your dome with a wreath The eye contact was combat His spirit ablaze The motherfuck Ain't say shit He just smirked And walked away Chorus It's drama Your mind is in a stressed out state The mantra Your life's exactly what you create It's Karma But then you've gotta factor in fate You've got a lot on your plate Can you handle The Weight? (x2) Verse Two Now the night falls With tension building up in your heart This shit is worse than you thought And you ain't handle it smart You ain't tell your lady shit Cause you ain't want her concerned With your strap next to your bed Cause now you ready to burn 4 nights pass You ain't getting good sleep lately You still shaky That look in his eye Was he faking? Then a glass breaks downstairs It's 1 AM Shattered glass on the floor Sure sign of mayhem The dog barks Runs downstairs Then squeals It's real You tell your girl to call the cops and Stay concealed In the attic Cause This could get real tragic Grab the 9 And pray the shit'll spray like an automatic Ran across the stairwell 2 shots pop They lodged in the wall These muthafuckaz came ready to brawl Overzealous creeping up the steps But you's a fuckin vet Clapped him through the wall and heard the body fall But another set of footsteps You didn't expect Ran across And now cause for you to reassess the threat Is evident Malevolent fuck Brought backup Somebody's in the room your girl's in You bout to act up It's quiet cross the hall Cause he ain't see her at all She's in the ceiling dealing hiding her feelings to keep calm So you pop a shot to smash the window Cause he ain't kinfolk His homie been smoked And now you plan to evoke The power of Thor In hopes to execute without flaw You reload and pop a few shots while inching toward the door Then you hear the door creaking to the balcony Could it be? Muthafucka trying to flee? On the floor finding these drops of blood Must have caught him with a riccochet Then you hesitate Thinking should I go or should I stay? But adrenaline pumped You ready to dump Dipped to the balcony Looked at the ground And then you jumped...
The Abyss 03:14
Verse One I landed on the ground Took a look around He's nowhere to be found But without a sound I stood there silent Engulfed in violence Embraced by shadows My mind set: Battle Standing in the courtyard Right beneath the balcony Hoping that my lady ain't a Valkyrie Should one suggest that I be met by death I'll fight til I've got no strength Or there's nothing left The gate was left agape to the alleyway The path where he escaped But so silently I could hear the wind rustle the vines Amidst the dim street lights The moon shines This type of scene Sniper scene True that it might be him But it might be me Out through the gate I go But kept low Shift strictly to intuition mode Cut my eyes left Cut my eyes right He's not in my eyesight I'm ready for gun fight The muthafucka made a dash and moved fast I licked off a blast It flew past him He's a block away but I can catch him Face bashing New course of action I'm gaining Out here without training Heart started pounding when I saw him blazing Chorus So amazed the ways that life could go (x4) Somebody help me cause I'm drowning in this Somebody help me cause I've found the abyss (x2) VERSE 2 Mr. Lif He popped two shots Though I thought he was out Whizzed past my face But I can't stop now Feeling like a demon Bobbing and weaving I could have been struck man I'm lucky to be breathing Chest heaving Adrenaline rush Voice inside of my head says: Inner Voice : ("This is too much") ("Hesitation Doubt Re-route It's not too late for you to be out You could see now Drop the gun You've already won No need to bleed two You just dropped one He won't be back This is over attack You just ended a life You're the owner of that") Mr. Lif Had to stop in my tracks And put my back on the wall If I'm invisible to him Then that's the end of the brawl With such a sudden withdrawal I didn't know what to think Then I realized that I survived a walk on the brink On the edge of destruction For sure pure panic The gravity of this Turned me to pure manic I stood there And finally felt fear I'm sure back at the crib, My girl's in tears I've gotta go back But I did so slowly Along the same path of fury that blurred me Who heard me? All the neighborhood lights on Now I hear sirens Remnants of violence Silence at the core of my mind as I teleported back to the scene of the crime Told my girl "I'm here" Open the attic door I assure safety After tragic war As we embraced She cried She thought maybe I died I'm glad that we're alive But part of me Partially Parted me I was barely even present for the hug So please pardon me My mind beams Stages of dreams Crazed as it seems Survive by any means I never really slept that well After that night Sunset now gets me set to fight And it's wearing down even my relentless type And it seems nobody can contest the plight So I'm waking from nightmares and even though the coast is clear I fell into my own despair... Chorus Somebody help me cause I'm drowning in this Somebody help me cause I've found the abyss (x2)
Chorus by Taylormade Everyday we pray We pray to save our soul (x2) Verse One (Mr. Lif) Well I'm sitting at my table now hands crossed blast off Thinking about some opportunities that I had passed on Hindsight is 20/20 Thinking isn't helping any Drinking will just serve to end me Progress am I making any? I'm not sure cause my mind got blurred by the things I chose to focus on and what I've observed Patterns of my own demise that I in that in my life I'm at the center of my own storm when things go wrong Nowadays I pray for discipline Strength to be honest Hope to never break a promise while enshrouded in my calmness Hoping to accomplish all this requires skill, will, energy, determination Plus some time for meditation I try approaching life with ease My steez is to appreciate the wind the sunlight and the leaves But for now I can't breathe Could you help me out please? See me looking to the sky while I'm down on my knees Chorus Everyday we pray We pray to save our soul (x2) Verse Two (Mr. Lif) It's been a bad day Got me feeling shook and I'm looking for my emotions to stop the plots of this crooked war Furthermore depression nipping at my heels and I can feel the sentiments that I conceal I'm wondering if I can deal My appeal to a higher power was delayed an hour Rallied up and took a shower Plus I'm hoping not to cower Ever been so hungry that your eyes feel slumped in? Fridge full of food but your soul craving something much more touch more thoughts through delirium Strive to rise above the negative vibes and bury em I can see the sun again Clouds start to dissipate My spirits elevate Here I go I anticipate Clarity Epiphanies Motivation gripping me A day of infamy for this one man symphony Plucking at my heart strings This could be starting a spiritual departing The visions of a scarred king Chorus Everyday we pray We pray to save our soul (x2)
Verse One A rigid mind can hit you like a fist The goal is moving fluid like a fish If you can calm your mind You're no longer blind Tell me who could lead you wrong with this I'm rhyming over loops, it's old school I levitate a style, it's Goku I fold dimensions I failed to mention I came to tap into your soul too Now tell me what you've buried deep within Beyond the marrow well beyond the skin Is pain lurkin'? Your brain hurtin'? I'm sad to see your hopes are getting dim Now please back away from bright lights Enjoy the solitude of late nights Inhale the groove And make a move I promise you'll ascend to great heights Chorus by Selina Carerra Dim down those lights right now It's time for us to wind down Pour me a glass of merlot Baby, let's just let go Let's just let go Verse Two I've heard that poetry can heal you To open up your heart, reveal truth You feeling free? A deity Who floats amongst the clouds can feel you Is this the definition of a blessed Spirit who was sent to manifest? With eloquence For elephants Who tell the human beings "take a rest" Now sit down Get down Ponder Spliff now Drink down Water Is this a prison? The life we're livin'? Can't disobey the rhythm much longer Now where you gonna be when panic hits? Can you grow your food and can you fish? I sit back With a jet pack That I'm wearing just in case the planet splits Chorus Dim down those lights right now It's time for us to wind down Pour me a glass of merlot Baby, let's just let go Let's just let go Verse Three The goal is to search deeper And grow smarter And think harder Plus avoidance of the grim reaper You don't need ta Be a martyr I could start ta Flip another style Let my spirit out Like a little child With a bigger smile Than you think about Got it figured out Look, I'm living now Not forgetting how I got here through many details, that I'll spare you But I faced fear Hope diminishing Bills imprisoning Winter shivering But envisioning a better me for therapy Pleasantly, eventually was helping me Set myself free Let myself be Let my light shine Here's the remedy Chorus Dim down those lights right now It's time for us to wind down Pour me a glass of merlot Baby, let's just let go Let's just let go
Chorus by Erica Dee A better day Better life See it Believe it Let it come alive Alive A better day Better life See it Believe it It's in your eyes It's in your eyes Verse One (Mr. Lif) I might sit and analyze the skies To revitalize Some old concepts I idolized I'm glad that I'm alive To find environments where I could thrive Strive Then shift my brain right into hyper drive And what I notice is real It won't fail Nature truly holds the truth To all life's details I rebuke the cosmetic Prosthetic Rather get it from the ayurvedic medic And stay indebted to the energetic force That has plotted a course For me to rep and share my light whenever people feel lost These are hard times But through adversity my heart climbs Finding strengths at my mind's outer lengths When it all seems hopeless Ability to cope is too elusive Soul searching inconclusive Take a deep breath Feel the the heart inside your chest Knowledge works in some mysterious ways This is a test Chorus A better day Better life See it Believe it Let it come alive Alive A better day A better life See it Believe it It's in your eyes It's in your eyes Verse Two (Mr. Lif) I have dreams Magnified by sun beams Some screams lurkin' in my mind indelibly Instinctively We're united through telepathy Without a word I can observe the things you're telling me Therapy is peace of mind A certain type of light will leave you blind The other type is by your heart's design Choose which one and be undone If moderation isn't your function You just shunned The crucial need for balance To dodge the deadly talons Of vultures in the sky Bankers on the ground They'll dissolve your town Just to make a buck You're counting on their morals? Then you're shit outta luck I build a viaduct to bridge a common tale Then inhale The glory of life without fail Please scale these walls with me And dissolve memory Of this vile prison That we've called living Chorus Better day Better life See it Believe it It's in your eyes Your eyes A better day better life See it Believe it Let it come alive Alive A better day Better life See it Believe it It's in your eyes Your eyes A better day Better life See it Believe it It's in your eyes Your eyes
Mr. Lif - Verse 1 I hold futures Throw sutures at wounds Open tombs Let spirits loom Ancestors walk in the room Talking of gloom A dash of optimism if I rock the rhythm The griot flowed, so I stopped to listen Tales from then Those remain the lessons of now Questions like "how" Accumulate like sweat on your brow Cumulus clouds The precursors to three verses The breeze made the trees nervous The seas surfaced As whales walk on land And talk like man This one guy who thought he could fly He hopped off dams Successfully lands Causing all his critics to cringe Cynics'll sing The eagle shared a pair of his wings As the properties of all fall to unpredictability I find myself suprisingly at peace in this vicinity Spiritually balanced at the crest of possibility I let ALL I know go and did so willingly Chorus Elements Instruments Musical formulas Knowledge Intellect I project Wisdom Mr. Lif - Verse Two I see codes Clear as there's an ebb and a flow Extend my arms to cradle knowledge that we never will know And from my fingertips drips Eclipse Upon dawn's lips Nuclear grips on her bronze hips As she lusts for the dusk The the light becomes cosmic The beams gleam data? Then prophets switch topics Stop to just watch it and marvel in awe If I'm asleep when I hear a beat, It tastes like stars I'm Pi with these bars I'm slightly ajar you want more .one four The decimals of luster and lore As decibels pour Through speaker cones To leave you clones DNA poem Coffers of capillaries & bone Offer ancillaries and tones that are pliable The sky is too low That's why dimensions keep my fires aglow As the answers float just beyond halcyon My knowledge drifts as I glimpse at the cliffs of Albion Chorus Elements Instruments Musical formulas Knowledge Intellect I project Wisdom Blacastan - Verse Three My mind state bubble over beats like Maxine Stay clear of the trouble in the streets the vaccine Enters your bloodstream through headphone cords or wireless charge Blac appears like a mirage, Park the horse drawn chariot in the garage Like Maximus with faceplates, face my mistakes With no regrets Russian roulettes, with lit cigarettes I wrote the type of antidote you can't forget Like my message to the people Hare Krishna's for Beatles, swung the cape released it on the 2" tape Now... Protons and neutrons form the right bomb While me, Lif, and Edan form the right bond My thoughts go beyond what was wrote in Qu'rans Any emcee who disagree with me wave your arm Take a sec to chop it up so we could hang like Saddam Welcome to showbiz now break a leg like Vietnam
VERSE ONE Ak - Back at it I black out in the lab It's a bad habit Pragmatic Pen and pad addict Codename Akrobatik Lif - Codename Lif Continental drift My plates shift The land is My canvas I paint this Ak - Vivid picture Twisted scripture Fuck wit The couplets of this vicious mixture Lif - This rich elixir Poured by lords Bomb flow When I don those Hanzo swords Ak - Oh Lord Hit record It's time for barbaric acts It's you're where we're blaring facts Brother, you are where it's at Lif - Wizard hat Rap disappearing act Lif and Ak Bring it back spawn a new world in every single track Ak - You can't limit that Lif - Infinite wit Ak & Lif - Intricate shit Ak - The type to get your whole syndicate lit Lif - Visuals split and leave behind hologram We are now... Ak - Darkman Lif - Hollow Man Exiled from Alderaan Ak - For not keeping the peace Lif - We keeping this brief Ak - Satisfaction when they push our new release on the streets ---------- VERSE TWO Lif - Time to panic We came to attach to your planet We mold time with rhyme The future's expanded Transmitting from the edges Where the ledge is unknown Ak - Now let me tell you why you tyrants should've left it alone You see... Me and my colleagues Not playing in y'all's league Sealing off all your entry points til all of y'all leave Ventilate the game so real heads can all breathe Push up your hands if you've got nothing up y'all's sleeve VERSE THREE Lif - Now what would happen if we traded Ak - Lines Lif - Sylla Ak - bles Lif - Letters Ak - N Lif - E Ak - V Lif - E Ak - R Lif - Never Ak - Should you fuck with the veter Lif - Rins Acumen Ak - For the win Perceptionists crew Ak & Lif - Back again Lif - Skin peels whenever rhymes fly from reels Ordeals We cook em up and eat em like meals So surreal how the Gods disappear through portals That appear Strictly based on the fear of mere mortals Ak - So we sing this From Mount Olympus The new hymnal Lif - Profound Underground sound Ak - Found in no jingles Lif - Angles strangle til the comp is Rhombus No alarm it's Harmless Clueless with fluids To embalm this Ak - Haunt this Lif - Elect to affect the subconscious Ak - Lawless Lif - The venue is wrecked Ak & Lif - Mission accomplished
Lif Verse One Rhyme flurry Just enough to form snow flurry Storm wording The verse got clouds swirling Ground surging My army of troops You look minute While yall drop bombs We drop loops With the verbalized combat Uppercut Devastate em Yo Del, I can't resuscitate em DEL Verse 1.2 But remember we still have mouth to mouth Some lost their brain Fetch and get it now Connected through time, we're here to master matter Pigs use their party to try to capture data Cataclysmic wisdom is wizardry with lyrics Defeat the fictional It's minimal A figment Of imagination We see their status through the eyes of a raven I'm the master blaster My membership the switch They're rudely dismissed by my crew of terrorists Lif Verse 1.3 There are just two options for rockin' Y'all stop talking 2 is Lif hop out of coffin Coughing We flee the scene With leafy green My hands will go intangible we can't be seen My mummy man plan span Egypt I'm part Egret With no regrets Skies are my secrets It's an eclipse we kept in crypts For when we become Charybdis to sink ships Chorus Cuts by Mr. Sonny James You're hearing this and now you feel the sound Love the sound Spread it make it world renown (x2) DEL Verse Two Del- I think risk is just part of the deal Whenever I spark the real Particles build Field Goal Fuck my age I don't feel old I don't feel their flow Lif - They don't have the will to grow Del - I just chill and roll with the fist-a-cuffs Lifting up the bar that they're all taking pictures of Define and specialize in rhymes that are spit Gauck at it like a shiny whip you're dying to get Private estate flows of mine hard to debate Go far as to blame But charge it to the game LIF Verse 2.2 Your card denied Pardon as we part the sky The great beyond... Cruise it like the autobahn Ichiban The shit that Del and Lif be on You flipped it wrong...? It's tragic You could just be bombed Del - Pass the coordinates Lif - Teleport Del- Slaughter shit Lif - Physically orbited Lif & Del - Damage exorbitant! Lif - We morphing men into pygmies We crush cities Then rebuild em Del - Through eyes of the children Lif - Welcome to this plane named imagination Where everything you see is for the first time Del - Fascination Lif - True amazement The new engagement surreal is the realest We're peeling your flesh back to feel this We're designed with an iron mind You see the raw Then leave in awe Part men part meteor Chorus You're hearing this and now you feel the sound Love the sound Spread it make it world renown (x2)
iLL 03:53
Verse One Lemme break out And listen to these voices in my shell Is this heaven or another self created hell? Please allow me these moments To be open And well spoken That being said Bob your head And keep smokin' Let's explore the state of war and maybe more What's at my core is even more raw than iron ore And may contain a cure If you're holding on to the reigns of life too tight Let go and undergo this flight Hover over this plight we call home With notions that's well known With potions that's held under lock and key As property Anoint this with ointments So I can either heal or peel Another layer From this excavator What would I do with all this extra data? Nothing like your cell provider who would catalogue it Sell it for a profit We indulge and can't stop it Convenience addiction Lenient with diction More condos go up A cruel depiction Of this new eviction Some would call it crucifixion Pump the blues and listen Refuse to lose your vision Now it's the dollar off holocaust Sale prices The real crisis lies in these divisive devises Tarnishes collective consciousness Garnishes wages Harnessed in pages Documents Centerfold opulence Real I'm searching for a world that's more chill Crazy as it seem Pls let me dream It's ill Chorus Cuts by Mr. Sonny James Verse 2 I can't believe all this stimuli that's in my eye The instant gratification inside of every operation Ain't nobody waiting But I'm contemplating a new dawn of patience Askew and glued to this virtue so ancient So pardon my urges to slow the world And maybe hold my girl And feel blessed just to exist In the midst Of this These are the fundamentals The long forgone essentials The key simplicities That open up the bliss in me I used to be intrigued by mystery If it's confusing I shun it Never wanted illusion Solutions cascade Coursing through the core masquerade Yet the real... is what you're hearing after laughter fades It's that uncompromising silence that either leads to violence Or opens up the sky So you can fly your own pilot I'm immersed in such quiet for fuel I've got riots for fools who won't buy it when I offer oasis Your coins could go faceless Money evaporates Hesitate to chase vapors Lemme elaborate If you peep the new paradigm Inside my rhyme There's more room for inspired minds Say goodbye to Cyberdine When I align with the energetically divine And follow signs Indeed, the light shines For real Just a vision of a world that's more chill Crazy as it seem Pls lemme dream It's ill Chorus
Verse One I used to look up at night and see the sky Now I am the sky Now the planets I Used to use a telescope to see are a part of me I've got Saturn in my arteries Without the air, you know it's hard to breathe I'm saying peace to earth It's hard to leave You may not understand it now but you will real soon When I launch another saga of doom But for now I just browse through circumstances Calculating certain chances Amongst technological advances I enhance this with megabit My mind's eye synthesize the mega chip The new self aware interface that has a face It's commonplace When I spawn a race At the dawn of grace You catch me pacing Rearranging life's arrangements On the page when... I'm just trying to make a little sense of it all before I fall from walk to crawl To maybe even nothing at all I leave behind these traces Bread crumbs for numb Can you hear me out there someone? Every day I try to do what cannot be done If it leaves me undone will you race to my rescue? Not everybody Just you Chorus If you're feeling so lost that you can't be found... Don't look down Where we walk, there is no ground... Don't look down And now It's plain to see Amongst everything that came to be I see this world is draining me Don't look down Verse Two You could catch me hopping in and out of town Bunkered down Not around Where does this path lead me? Where does this leave me and you? All too often unglued Undue tension We can't mention Our souls wandering through this vast dimension This glimpse of each other As lost lovers... We wanted much more So the thoughts hover... How can two so closely intertwined and divine not find true bliss in this lifetime? I've got so many theories near me I'm so sick of nearly I'm scared that I've grown weary And the vibe is so eerie I'm used to seeing things so clearly But the puzzle pieces won't heed this Needless to say... I'm still thankful to be here today Despite my shortcomings My stumbles My successes My calm and my stresses blessed with These precious moments to share thoughts with you Without this, Not sure what I would do... I'll bring this to a closing now I see the sun is going down I'll keep aiming at this throne and crown Thank God, I found my home in sound Chorus If you're feeling so lost that you can't be found... Don't look down Where we walk, there is no ground... Don't look down And now It's plain to see Amongst everything that came to be I see this world is draining me Don't look down


Welcome to “Don’t Look Down,” Mr. Lif’s first solo album in seven years, a chronicle of personal evolution, internal strength, and the ebbs and flows of life. It’s the most introspective and harrowingly personal work from the ex-Def Jux legend—a record borne from successes, failures, and hard-learned lessons.

The Boston prophet’s first new work for Mello Music Group directly addresses the difficulties of keeping your head up amidst duress. You hear and feel the intensity of the fight, the sense of falling into despair, the helplessness of drowning, and the power of being able to save yourself.

Over a 10-song cycle, Lif delivers poetic testament that avoids preachiness. These are agnostic sermons written to conceal and nurture him during a bleak period—cathartic confessionals that offered a conduit to bliss. The structure of “Don’t Look Down” mirrors this personal descent and rebirth, a hero’s journey worthy of Joseph Campbell.

It starts with “Pounds of Pressure” and “The Abyss,” adrenaline-pulsing sagas where the narrator clutches his pistol, soaked in sweat. Over bone-bristling drums and smears of disembodied vocal samples, Lif’s protagonist is engulfed in violence, pushed to the precipice, forced into a fight-or-flight scenario. This emotional rupture leads into the depression of the third track, “Everyday We Pray”—where the hero ruminates on personal storms and the patterns of his demise—praying for discipline and the strength to be honest.

By the song’s conclusion, optimism has started to seep back into his worldview. “Let Go” reflects that with its self-admonition to search deeper and think smarter, let the light shine, and unburden oneself from the pain of the past. “A Better Day” captures the zenith of this positivity, filtered through realism and clarity. It’s a call to arms to rebuke the cosmetic and prosthetic, to scale these walls and “beat this vile prison we call living.”

With "Whizdom," "Mission Accomplished", & "World Renown," the central character creates his own world, barricading himself from the ills of society. He’s aided by a beat from Edan and verses from Akrobatik (Lif’s partner in The Perceptionists) and Del the Funky Homosapien. The final act hinges on “iLL,” where the vulnerabilities creep back to the surface, incubating a state of reflection, in which the protagonist ponders the ways of the world—wishing for something more, wondering if this is heaven or another self-created hell.

The concepts all come to a powerful resolution on the finale, the title track that hauntingly echoes this mantra of resilience. Over taut minor piano chords, Lif tries to make sense of it all before the final fall, weary with a head full of ideas, a spirit unbowed, offering one last reminder that our most severe stumbles often lead to our greatest successes.


released April 15, 2016

Cover Photo by Dom Savini
Mastered By Mike Cip @ Split2nd Entertainment


all rights reserved



Mr. Lif Boston, Massachusetts

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